What is Alliance MMA?

Alliance MMA is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) company that brings together the best regional productions to build the next generation of MMA Champions.


What is the vision of Alliance MMA?

The successful completion of the initial public offering on NASDAQ and the closing of numerous acquisitions creates a strong foundation for Alliance. Alliance MMA plans to add a number of additional promotions, eventually building a national footprint that includes all the major media markets and attracts name brand sponsorships. The league hopes to put on over 125 events a year, showcasing more than 1,000 fighters, under the Alliance MMA name.


What promotions are currently under the Alliance MMA umbrella?

Alliance MMA acquired Cage Fury Fighting Championship based in Atlantic City, New Jersey with events held throughout the Northeast; Combat Games MMA based in the state of Washington with events throughout the Pacific Northwest region; Hoosier Fight Club based in Indiana; V3Fights in Memphis, Tennessee with fights throughout the South; Shogun Fights based in Baltimore, Maryland; Ohio based Iron Tiger Fight Series (IT Fight Series); and most recently Fight Time Promotions in Florida. A San Diego-based promotion under the guidance of MMA luminary Eric Del Fierro debuted their inaugural event in March. All promotions will continue operating as their own names under the Alliance MMA umbrella.  Alliance MMA also oversees a video platform and an electronic ticketing site. Alliance MMA also acquired SuckerPunch Entertainment, a leading MMA management and marketing company.


What are the benefits of regional promotions joining the Alliance?

By joining the Alliance, smaller promotions become partners in a much larger organization that intends to enhance collective market share and profitability of the businesses through increased ticket sales, incremental events, centralization of certain common business functions and the application of best business practices across the enterprise.


Does Alliance MMA compete with the UFC?

The mission of Alliance MMA is to identify and develop the next generation of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bellator MMA, ONE Championship and other prestigious MMA promotion champions in the world’s fastest growing sport. We don’t compete with these organizations, we are complimentary. Alliance MMA brings together the best regional productions to build the next generation of champions.


How did the company get started?

Wall Street veteran Joseph Gamberale founded Alliance MMA in 2015. He has had a passion for MMA for more than 30 years. Joseph founded Alliance with the purpose of acquiring businesses that engage in the promotion of mixed martial arts (MMA) events.


When did the company go public and what did the listing start at?

We commenced trading on October 6, 2016 under the ticker symbol “AMMA” and started trading at $4.50


How much and how was the IPO raised?

The IPO closed with more than $10 million raised. Roughly 70 percent of the funds raised in the IPO came from friends and family of Alliance MMA. Broker dealer Network Financial Securities raised the rest.


Is Alliance MMA the first company in the MMA industry to go public?

Alliance MMA is the first company to be traded on a major stock exchange.  In 2006, the International Fight League was acquired by a publicly traded company and listed on an OTC exchange for a short period of time. Alliance MMA is currently the only way for the public to invest in MMA.


Why did Alliance MMA go public?

Alliance MMA plans to bring together the top regional MMA promotional companies located in key geographic locations. Going public will help the organization appeal to fight promoters who own their own small business. Alliance MMA can also offer equity and stock into a company the smaller promotions will now be part of.


How will Alliance MMA generate revenue?

Alliance MMA has many revenue sources including live events, sponsorship/advertising revenue and distribution of live original sports content.


What is MMA?

MMA is the world’s fastest growing sport with worldwide fans of approximately 300 million according to sports marketing research firm Repucom.  MMA is a full contact sport that allows a wide range of fighting techniques including, striking and grappling from various martial arts & disciplines including Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate & Muay Thai. Professional MMA fights are legal and regulated domestically by state athletic commissions in all 50 states.