V3 Fights' Brian Mitchell is Going for the Finish at the Minglewood Hall


Alliancemma.com sat down with V3 Fights' Brian Mitchell ahead of his amateur lightweight title bout against Reggie Adams this weekend at the Minglewood Hall. Brian Mitchell will be returning to the city where he was born this Saturday as he prepares for the biggest fight of his young career. This bout marks the third time the undefeated Mitchell will fight under the V3 banner. Knowing that V3 is an Alliance promotion, Mitchell recognizes the prestige that comes with going after the title.

"I’m so fortunate to fight for V3. I love fighting for them. They are definitely my favorite promotion that I’ve had the pleasure of working with because their shows are always huge. Now that they're with Alliance, things are going to be even bigger."

Raised in Jonesboro Arkansas by a family that took him in as their own, Brian grew up around contact sports. His first love was wrestling which he took on early in junior high school. From there, Mitchell went on to become a state champion for Jonesboro High School cementing his legacy as one of the top athletes in the state. Despite his success, Mitchell says he always wanted something more.

“I fell in love with wrestling as a teenager, but I soon learned there were limitations to it. I wanted to punch someone, and lay on some ground n’ pound, but in wrestling you can’t do that. So, that’s why I moved towards MMA after graduating."

Since making the switch Brian has dedicated his whole life to the sport. He practically lives at the gym, and says he's been training quite a bit lately. Enough to make even the most dedicated gym advocates feel lazy as a matter of fact.

“I’ve been training literally every single day, non-stop for about a year straight. Lately we’ve been working a lot of drills that are going to prepare me for the long run of a title fight. The camp itself hasn’t been a whole lot different than before because like I said, I’ve been doing this each and every day. The bottom line is me and my camp are firing on all cylinders, and I’m ready to take out my opponent by any means necessary.”

Since making his amateur debut back in August of 2015, Brian has competed inside the cage at least once every few months, so his fight camps have pretty much turned into just ordinary days of hard work. His devoted lifestyle is truly one that deserves reverence.

When speaking about his opponent Reggie Adams, Brian was adamant that he feels like there's not one area in which Adams can beat him.

"I am one-hundred percent sure that I have the advantage over Reggie in all areas. I heard he was a state champion in wrestling, and kudos to him, but so was I. I hope he’s been training as hard as I have, because if not, this guy is in trouble."

Mitchel has fought at 170lbs in the past, and his opponent Adams has primarily fought at 145lbs, so naturally a size difference will be evident. However, Mitchell doesn't see that playing a factor.

"To me, that doesn’t not matter at all that much. You can be the biggest guy to ever walk into the cage and still get laid out. I do think I’ll have a bit of a size advantage over him, but that’s not going to be the reason I win the fight. It’s all about technique, skill, patience, and how you use all of that together."

Speaking of getting laid out, Mitchell says his ultimate goal on Saturday night is to come away with his fourth knockout victory in just six fights. He's aware that knockouts are what puts you on the map, and he pointed out the importance of winning in that specific fashion.

"I really do want to win by KO. There’s a lot of milestones that I want to crack this year and knocking out Reggie is one of them. I’m definitely going for it."

Surely Mitchell has the drive and attitude to someday be a huge star in the world of MMA. His work ethic and talent are the perfect package to become one of Alliance MMA's success stories in the near future. Mitchell says one day he sees himself wearing the ultimate gold strap.

"Five years from now I envision myself on the top of the world. I’m shooting for the stars and that means being the UFC lightweight champion. MMA is such an unforgiving business that if you’re not fighting to be the best then, what is your career worth? I’m here for the long haul plain and simple."

To see Brian make his next step towards MMA stardom be sure to buy your tickets for V3 Fights this Saturday at the Minglewood Hall by clicking the link below.


If you do not reside in the Memphis area, you can still watch Brian go for V3 gold by ordering the fights on GFL.tv.