"Investors can now buy shares in the 'minor league' of mixed martial arts" - Yahoo! Finance


YAHOO! FINANCE - On Thursday afternoon, Alliance MMA (AMMA) went public on the Nasdaq, aiming to raise $10 million. Shares opened at $5 and closed at $4.19. The company is, for the moment, the only publicly traded mixed martial arts entity; if you want to buy shares in an MMA promoter, this is it.

But it is not the first time that an MMA company has gone public. MMA promoters ProElite and IFL (International Fight League) both offered “over the counter” (OTC) shares, but have both since gone out of business. So how can Alliance avoid the same fate?

By complementing the biggest professional MMA promoters, rather than competing with them, says CEO Paul Danner. Alliance aims to bring together...

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