Kenny “Deuce” Garner Talks International Career, and Fight Time 36 Main Event


Kenny “Deuce” Garner is set to face Oscar Delgado in the main event at Fight Time Promotions 36. He spoke with Alliance MMA prior to tomorrow night’s event about his matchup, and his well-traveled fight career.

A native of Port St. Lucie, Florida, Kenny Garner is a proud resident of the sunshine state and is looking forward to showing fans at the War Memorial Auditorium what he’s all about…Knockouts.

“I’m very excited to fight once again in my home state of Florida. I’m trying to fill the whole arena up with my supporters. It’s going to be a good night.”

Garner doesn’t expect much resistance when it comes to getting the win on April 7th. When asked about how he matches up with Delgado, Garner was quick to answer with confidence.

“You mean how is he going to try to matchup to me? I’ve seen a couple of his fights and this was back when he was a middleweight and I saw his fight against Michel Batista at heavyweight. I didn’t see much in those fights concerning what he brings to the table. So, I’m just gonna go in there, do my thing and get outta there. There’s no use in playing with him. He is going from a 185-er to now wanting to be a heavyweight, and there is a completely different power difference, especially with a true heavyweight like me.”

Despite having no doubts in his abilities, Garner is not taking his training camp lightly. He is still putting in the work with his coaches, and making sure he is in peak condition for tomorrow night.

“I’ve been working with my boxing coach Pauley Gloves, my Muay Thai trainer Joel, and also with Renato “Babalu” Sobral working on my jujitsu. I’m bringing everything to the table. If it goes to the ground he’s gonna be in trouble there too. I think his strategy is going to be stick, move, and run. He don’t want to get hit by a real heavyweight. He’s never felt that power before. It’s going to be a wakeup call for him to go back down to at least 205.”

Although he is known mainly as a knockout artist, Deuce takes pride in having a strong ground game and his very own submission variation that he wants to use on Delgado.

“I got my own move called “Duece’s Grizzly” and if we’re on the mat he will see it. It’s sort of a panic submission. He’s gonna panic and then tap out. I’ve done it in Jacksonville, I’ve done it in Russia, and I’ve got two BJJ masters that say they’ve never seen it done that way before, but it works, so that move is all mine.”

Currently ranked as the #1 heavyweight in the state of Florida and the Southeast as a whole on, Deuce has quietly become one of the most decorated fighters to ever come out of the sunshine state. He has fought all over the world for M-1 Global in countries like China, Kazakhstan, and mainly Russia. Over the course of his fight career, Garner says he has two memories of post-fight victory celebrations that stick with him forever.

“I’ve had a lot of good experiences over the years, but I think when I won the M-1 belt in front Vladimir Putin and I got him to throw up the deuces was a favorite of mine. That was awesome. My other favorite moment would have to be when Howard Davis Jr. asked me to come fight for him at Fight Time Promotions. I came and did my thing, and he ended up throwing up the deuces too.”

“Throwing up the deuces” refers to Kenny Garner’s signature move where he raises two fingers on both hands usually following a victory inside the cage. It has been his staple for a long time, and is a part of his established brand as a fighter. A brand that the Fight Time Promotions fans will be treated to this Friday.

“Deuce is the number one heavyweight in the state of Florida, and for us to have an athlete of his prestige in our cage is an honor, and I think the real winners here are the fans, said Fight Time Promotions GM Karla Guadamuz-Davis. “A lot of international fighters like Deuce can only be watched via Pay-per-view overseas. For the folks who have tickets to Fight Time 36, they get to see an A-Class heavyweight throwing down right in front of their eyes.”

Surely, Garner vs. Delgado and all of the other great bouts on hand at the War Memorial Auditorium will produce a night to remember for all of the MMA fans in Ft. Lauderdale.

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