WATCH: The Fight That Got Him Signed - Jared Gordon on CFFC 63

Rewatch Gordon vs. Algeo at CFFC 63 and READ WHAT Gordon had to say about being on "Dana White: Lookin' For A Fight"

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Jared "Flash" Gordon was victorious at CFFC 63 back in February defending his CFFC featherweight title against Bill Algeo. Following his unanimous decision win, Gordon quickly found himself backstage at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa shaking the hand of UFC President Dana White, and verbally agreeing to sign with the UFC. 

Gordon has known since that night that his next fight would be his UFC debut. However, his opponent, Michel Quinones officially accepted the fight just a few days ago which means Gordon had a two month period where he was anxiously waiting on who he would be fighting next. He says he's had an idea of when he was fighting and that's how he's staying ready.

"I had a basic time frame for awhile," said Gordon. "They said they wanted me May 13th, so I’ve been training as though I always had a fight scheduled. I’ve only known about my opponent for like 3 or 4 days and they made the announcement like a day after. So even though I only have like a month to prepare for him, I'm already in shape."

Quinones is a UFC debut-er himself who is currently riding a five-fight win streak. He is someone who Jared is not taking lightly, but that's not to say Gordon's confidence has wavered by any means. He is simply preparing for his big show debut in a calculated manner.

"I know Michel is 8-1 and hasn’t lost since 2012. I know he has like 3 finishes in his last 5 fights or something like that, so it seems as though he’s got some decent striking. It looks like he has sort of a Tae Kwon Do and Karate style. He doesn’t run from you, but he seems like more of a counter-striker so I’m preparing for that. I’ve fought guys with way more fights than him, way more experience too. His opponents really haven’t been anything special. None of them are monsters, and I don’t think I’ll see anything I haven’t seen before, so I’m pretty confident."
Jared Gordon gets his hand raised following his huge win that night

Jared Gordon gets his hand raised following his huge win that night

Gordon is known for having a well-rounded skill set and someone who will take the fight wherever he feels most comfortable. When asked whether or not he would try to combat his opponent's striking pedigree with his sharp grappling, Jared noted he just wants to be the one applying the pressure.

I’m planning on just doing what I do ya know? Wherever the fight goes it goes. I think I’m better everywhere, but he can be dangerous obviously. I’m just going to come forward, I’m gonna be patient—I don’t want to rush into anything.

Making your UFC debut can be quite daunting. Alliance MMA Fighter Relations Director, and beloved Babysitter to the Stars, Burt Watson likes to say "When the lights come on, some people's lights get dim." However the pressure of being on the sport's biggest stage does not seem to bother the relatively stoic Gordon. In fact, he suggests his last fight prepped him in a way.

Everyone talks about these UFC jitters, but I think I kind of know what that’s like, fighting in front of Dana White in my last fight. There was plenty of anxiety, the Borgata was totally sold out that night, everyone was screaming, so It was a pretty big show. There was a lot riding on that fight. I think now that I’ve got my foot in the door, I just have to execute like I’ve been executing and I know everything is going to go my way.

Gordon recognizes that the way he is being brought into the organization is certainly not of the ordinary. Being the featured star on Dana White's hit web series is a huge deal, and Gordon feels as though he was awarded a special situation thanks to his hard work.

I think it was better than just getting ‘The Call’ or being on the Ultimate Fighter Show. This was definitely great exposure for me. I’m definitely the most experienced guy that they’ve taken off the shelf so far and I truly was excited to be a part of the show.

His excitement was far from palpable in terms of what you got to see from Gordon on the episode. Gordon has established himself as a laid back individual since beginning his fight career, and he is someone that always puts things into perspective. This can throw folks off because they expect a person to start jumping around like crazy when they just won a fight or got signed to the UFC. Gordon is just not that guy.

"After I won I was talking to Dana and he called me flat, but I knew I was going to beat Algeo—I knew it. I was expecting to get signed, so when he asked me ‘So you wanna do this?’ I was like 'Yeah.' He said ‘Are you sure?’ And I said 'Yeah I need this.' Matt Serra was sarcastically like ‘Oh don’t be too excited. This is a big deal.’ Deep down I was thinking, it’s cool to get the UFC, but I gotta start from the bottom again there. When I become UFC champion, then I’ll be happy."
Jared Gordon meets with Dana White, Matt Serra, & Din Thomas following his fight at Borgata

Jared Gordon meets with Dana White, Matt Serra, & Din Thomas following his fight at Borgata

Gordon's mindset is one of a kind, and one that stems from experiences that go far beyond fighting. On the surface it may seem like he isn't the kind of guy that is going to sell a fight by using the same methods as the Connor McGregor's and Chael Sonnen's of the world, but Gordon says that's because prior to making it to the UFC, running your mouth is pointless.

I’ve never been a sh*t talker because I’ve always felt that on the regional level, I’m not getting paid any more to talk sh*t. I’m probably just gonna look like a d*****bag talking sh*t. It’s not like I’m making millions to make a scene.

His thought process is a legitimate one, but Gordon does plan on being an outspoken individual going forward. It's just an entirely different message that he wants to convey. His has to do with combating the horrific trials of addiction and using his career to making a change.

In terms of the what I’ve said, and the things I’ve done, I guess I’ve shown that I’m more of a reserved guy. But my story, and the things that I’ve been through, are not like that at all. I have a lot to say you know? I’m gonna say it and I’m gonna show it. This isn’t even about me really. Yes I love fighting. I will be champion, that is still the goal. This is what I want to do, I want to make a living off of fighting. But at the end of the day, I want to use fighting as a platform to help other people get over the demons that I also went through in life. So that’s what it’s all about in the end. What’s been given to me and the help that I’ve received is something that I have to give back ten fold.

Gordon's intentions are admirable to say the least, and as his popularity grows within the UFC his message will become more widely spread. Gordon carries with him a story of tribulations and triumph, and he plans on sharing it everywhere he goes in an effort to raise awareness, and truly make a difference. 

To watch Jared Gordon's fight versus Michel Quniones on May 13th at UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas, be sure to tune in to the Early Prelims LIVE and ONLY on UFC Fight Pass. Gordon's fight is currently scheduled as the first fight of the evening.