UFC President Dana White tells us where he finds the future champions while in attendence at an Alliance MMA event, filming an episode of his hit reality show "Dana White: Lookin for a Fight" scouting talent for the largest stage in the sport - the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Alliance MMA, Inc. was incorporated in 2015 for the purpose of acquiring businesses that engage in the promotion of mixed martial arts (MMA) events. In 2016, the company completed an initial public offering that culminated in a listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Alliance MMA is the only mixed martial arts promotion company that is publicly-traded.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a sports league or team, this might be your chance.
— Ryan McQueeney, ZACKS.com

With some of the world’s leading MMA promotions under the Alliance MMA umbrella, the organization aims eventually to host in excess of 125 events per year, showcasing more than 1,000 fighters. Alliance MMA is also dedicated to generating live original sports media content, attracting an international fan base, and securing major brand sponsorship revenue for live MMA events, digital media, and Alliance MMA fighters.

The idea is fairly simple. Alliance MMA brings together regional promoters from all over the country, pooling their talent, knowledge and resources in the hope that the resulting whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.
— Ben Fowlkes, MMAJunkie.com

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We have a few things we want to say to our friends, partners, prospects, & shareholders.

First, we are Alliance MMA...

Alliance MMA (NASDAQ:AMMA) is a professional mixed martial arts company that brings together the best regional productions to build the next generation of Champions. This statement translates to our slogan, “Alliance MMA: The Fight Starts Here”. We take our shepherding of the sport’s best talent at the early stages of their amateur and professional careers as both an honor and a duty. As part of that, we give them what they desire most: Respect. Professionalism. Fair play. And a path to greatness. The rest is up to them.

Alliance MMA will become the go-to brand for those seeking the “college hoops” of MMA. The ever-changing fresh faces, the purity of passion for the sport of mixed martial arts and the spectacle of exuberant athletes fighting to win every time they enter the cage is what the fans come for. And those highly desirable 18-34 year old male and female fans are who regional and national brands wish to be in front of.

We place that mission in the larger context of a responsible and efficient commercial enterprise to deliver shareholder value. We must focus on both the little and the big things to do this. The revenue streams of media rights fees, sponsorship placements, advertising revenue and gated attendance at our events are of paramount focus. The “hows” of that are varied. Multiple tasks leading up to a night of great fights often require hundreds if not a thousand strategic decisions. But this isn’t done in a vacuum; rather by a capable home office team of experts in live and taped television production, social media convergence, media rights licensing, marketing and operations best practices, ecommerce merchandising and advanced advertising sales support. All of the company’s home office staff are well-versed in the master plan for company growth. But of equal -if not greater importance-  are Alliance MMA’s General Managers.

If one were to get creative and draw an overview diagram of Alliance MMA’s businesses, it is currently 11 different wheels on a map of the United States reporting into our New York City headquarters. Each hub of the wheels are the General Managers over each promotion in each major market. The spokes are their responsibilities that include business development, matchmaking fighters, state athletic commission compliance, venue selection and regional sponsorship sales. We are proud of our GMs and what they’ve accomplished and we look forward to seeing even greater things from them. They are Nick Harmeier in Memphis, John Rallo in Baltimore, Joe DeRobbio in Seattle, Devon Mathieson in Atlantic City, Danielle Vale in Chicago, Scott Sheeley in Ohio, David Oblas in Atlanta, Ryan Stoddard in Omaha, and Roy Englebrecht in Los Angeles. Alliance MMA’s goal is to have 20 GM-led promotions by the end of September of this year, all in major markets. This national footprint will allow advertiser efficiencies heretofore unknown as buying market-by-market is a tedious, expensive and unscientific process.


Much of the basic duties of a regional promoter, under the Alliance MMA model, is lifted off the shoulders of the GMs to permit them the ability to expand Alliance MMA’s footprint in both number of events and coverage of the geographic territory they enjoin.  The GMs are the host impresarios representing brand names fight fans know and love, such as Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Combat Games, Iron Tiger Fight Series, V3Fights, Fight Time Productions, Hoosier Fight Club, National Fighting Championship, Roy Englebrecht Promotions and Victory Fighting Championship. These brands and the ones to follow in our year of acquisitions are the emotional connection to our fans.  The Alliance MMA brand, over them, represents a badge of honor of sorts. Fans will know we deliver the highest threshold of quality of any regional fight organization anywhere.

International markets are part of the master plan too. Expanding in EMEA, Pac Rim, Central and South America would be part of any sensible plan to work with the world’s best developing talent. And it is ours. Scott Sheeley, the former owner of Iron Tiger Fight Series, has been named Director, Emerging Markets for the company.  In his new role, Sheeley will capitalize on his extensive off-shore experience and personal network to form a foundation on which Alliance MMA expects to generate additional revenue streams. While Alliance’s near-term plan is to first secure a persistent presence in the top 20 domestic media markets, our longer-term goals are transparently global.

In sum, Alliance MMA is the game-changer the sports world has been waiting for.
We are grateful you’re in our corner.